"A wild, untamed youth learns nobility through art."
-Jacques d'Amboise
Presenting ? a 30 minute Film Festival Assignment in which we were challenged to create a film in 30 minutes and then make our elementary website
Presenting For Better or For Worse a Comic Strip portraying the the effect of technology on our lifestyles through the juxtoposition of mondern and old time relationships
Presenting In Her Shoes an audio project which shows our interpretation of a refugee journey through the use of language and footsteps
Presenting How To Not Get Your Party Busted a video project that uses satire to mock the ridiculuous party culture in NYUAD


Gabrielle Branche is a student from the class of 2021 NYUAD aspiring to major in Interactive Media with a concentration in Biology and a minor in Dance.

This website is a portfolio of the projects done in NYUAD Communications Lab Course. The Course teaches how different media (video, comic and audio stories) can exist on the the web. The final project was to create an online portfolio which can store all the different projects done throughout the semester.

In this portfolio I wanted to depict a portrayal of my identity which in NYUAD has a strong emphasis on dance. I hoped to make a simple but clean page which is easy to navigate but still engaging


Documentation on the various projects can be found here: